For the Sponsors

Sponsors may download the prize winners list specifically for them here.

I would like to not only apologize to some of the sponsors, but also point something out that apparently went unnoticed. In my e-mails that I sent out to prospective sponsors at the beginning of April, I included information about the Yahoo group that was set up specifically for sponsors to join so that we could handle any questions that they might have or handle any problems that arose in the meantime. This group is also for those that wished to volunteer to assist with the organization and the contacting of sponsors and companies to make this Hop a success.

Up until May 1st when the blog hop began, there was a link on the blog to this Yahoo group. Once the hop started, I removed the sidebar widget. However, there are still two posts on the blog under the label Yahoo that informed readers of the blog about the group here and here. In addition, each and every blog post that went up, also appeared on our Facebook page, as well as on our Twitter page.

I did not think that it would merit needing to be mentioned - but if I were sponsoring a gift on a blog or web site, I would at least subscribe to updates via e-mail or via Google Friend Connect to keep abreast of what was going on. But as I said, I apologize, apparently that is just a little quirk of mine and not an automatic action for others as I had thought it would be.

So to those that were not notified earlier of the winners announcement - I do sincerely apologize. There were only two individuals that I know needed to be contacted directly (Corel Corporation and Jennifer Janesko) when the winners were announced. Had I known otherwise, I would have emailed each of you as well when the original email went out.

My deepest apologies.

Kim Miller, Chairperson


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