2011 Holiday Mini-Hop Announcement

We have had such a raging success with the 1st Annual PSP Community Blog Hop – that we have decided to host a special Holiday Mini-Hop in October 2011!

We do not have a firmed up date yet, so stay tuned for updates and additional information as it becomes available!

The Mini-Hop is going to be handled a bit differently – and we hope easier for you to participate in!  Prizes being offered will be organized by category and have their own distinct labels as listed below:

  • Blog Designs/Makeovers
  • Buy My Store Coupons
  • CU4CU Licenses
  • Discounts on Other Products
  • Independent Artists
  • Licensing Agency Tubes/Gift Certificates
  • Photo Packages
  • Posers
  • Programs
  • PSP Scripts/Templates
  • Scrapkits (PU or CU)
  • Signed Prints
  • Store Gift Certificates

Participants only duty would be to leave a comment on each page that they wished to receive a prize for.  For example – if I wanted to win a blog makeover, a program, and a pack of tubes from a licensing agency you would see the following from me:

 Kim Miller

I would like to win the Starlite Dreams Package from Starlite Blog Designs. I am following the blog via Google Friend Connect.  If I win you can contact me at kimtmww at gmail dot com.  Thanks!!!  (this would be under the Blog Design/Makeovers Label)


Kim Miller

I would like to win the PaintIt! program from Corel! If I win you can contact me at kimtmww at gmail dot com. Thanks!!! (this would be under the Programs Label)


Kim Miller

I would like to win the 3-Tube Package from Creative Design Outlet. I am a member of their Yahoo group and subscribe to the CDO blog via Google Friend Connect. If I win you can contact me at kimtmww at gmail dot com. Thanks!!! (this would be under the Licensing Agency Tubes/Gift Certificates Label)


Since I did not leave a comment under the other Labels listed above – then I would not be eligible to win any of those prizes.  You only comment on the prizes you want, under each individual Label Category!  For instance, if there was also a 3-Tube Package from PSP Tubes Emporium and I wanted to win those as well – I would need to leave a comment for that particular prize from that particular sponsor.  If you only comment that you want the tube package from Creative Design Outlet – you will not be eligible to win any of the other tube packages from the other agencies.  You must leave one (1) individual comment for every single prize you wish to receive.

We truly think this will make it much easier on everyone.  Prizes will not be announced until the day of the Holiday Mini-Hop to give everyone a complete list of prizes so that there are no issues with late submissions being added that might be missed or overlooked.

Sponsors – If you had a great time during the 1st Annual PSP Blog Hop and would like to participate in the Holiday Mini-Hop – the October 2011 Mini-Hop Sponsor Sign Up Form is now live and available for you to complete!  If you added your information to the database at the PSP Blog Hop Yahoo group – you can remove your information there and enter it here on the official sign up form.

We have some great ideas in store for the holidays – including special gifts that you, the participant, can win for a special friend to make their holiday season a little brighter as well! 

Stay tuned for updates and more information as the time gets closer!


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