Finally have the completed winner’s listing for the 1st Annual PSP Blog Hop!!!  You can download the complete list here.  It is in PDF format so everyone should be able to view it with no problem.

In determining the prizes awarded – all duplicate prize entry forms (including several that were from the same individuals using different email addresses) were deleted.

Each of the e-mail addresses were then put into the List Randomizer at www.random.org and randomly ordered.  The prize entry forms were then tallied and coordinated with the prizes available.

There were several prize entry forms that had one or more of the following errors on them:

  • No Prizes Listed
  • No Sponsor Name Listed (entries were ‘psp script’ or ‘ptu scrapkit’)
  • Numbers from the Prize Page were used

Participants were told specifically to use the Sponsor Name (as several sponsors offered the same type of prize package) and to NOT use the numbers listed on the Prize Page as they were only there to show the total amount of prizes and changed each time a new prize package was added to the alphabetical listing.

Every individual who submitted a Prize Entry Form has received two gifts, with the exception of those who made the above-referenced errors on their Prize Entry Forms.  Those individuals only received one gift.

SPONSORS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED OF THEIR PRIZE PACKAGE WINNERS.  We have a Yahoo Group set up for the Sponsors here and they have received this list along with the email address that you provided on your Prize Entry Form.  Sponsors have been asked to contact all prize recipients within 48 hours to instruct them on how to claim their prizes.

If you do not receive an email from your Prize Sponsor by Saturday, May 21st – please send an e-mail to me directly here and do not change the subject line.  (Just click the word *here* that is linked and it will open a new e-mail in your e-mail program already addressed to me with the subject line completed)  Once I receive your e-mail I will contact the Sponsor directly and get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

On a personal noteOrganizing and keeping track of everything for the Blog Hop has kept me extremely busy over the past two months.  I have neglected my own groups and the groups that I belong to, as well as my family, my home, my *real* life, to ensure that this event ran as smoothly as possible and that everyone was able to walk away with something that they would truly appreciate.  As a result, I have not had a chance to visit all of the sponsors sites yet, nor all of the participant’s sites either.  Once I get everything else caught up and *back on track* so to speak, be sure to keep an eye out for my comments in your chat box or on a recent blog post – because I most definitely WILL be visiting!

I want to thank each and every one of you for participating – and sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this event as much as Anna, Fiona, and I have had pulling it all together!!!  We are already making plans for the 2nd Annual PSP Blog Hop, so we sincerely hope to see you all again next year as well!

Congratulations to You All!

Kim, Anna and Fiona


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