1st Annual PSP Community Blog Hop Official Kick Off!

Welcome one and all to the 1st Annual PSP Community Blog Hop!  We are so excited to have you all here and even more excited to be offering up the magnitude of prizes for each of you to win!  We cannot begin to tell you how amazing this event has turned out to be – and its only going to get even better today!
First – we would like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors.  Without you, this Blog Hop would not be possible.  We asked you to open your hearts and share your talents and you did exactly that.  So from all of us here at the PSP Blog Hop – THANK YOU!
Linky Tools. We would like to extend a special thanks to Brent Riggs, owner of Linky Tools who has generously gifted us with a year's subscription to his service. What this means to you is that the links supplied below during this Blog Hop will remain in place and effective, so you can come back to visit at any time to find your favorite participants!
I know you all are wondering how this is going to work.  It is very simple.  First, let us state, you do not have to be a talent to participate. You do not even have to register to win prizes if you chose not to – all you need is a love of great talent.
If You Want People to Visit Your Site.  This is for those of you who have a web site, blog, store, Facebook Fan page (or personal page), Twitter, or deviantART account that you want to promote and have people come to visit and check out your work. At the end of this post is a Linky List.  Click where it says Click Here to Enter to add the name of your site and your site URL.
You do NOT have to be an artist – Anyone can add their link here – signature tag makers, tutorial writers, individual artists, licensing agencies, commercial companies, artists, Incredimail designers, wallpaper designers – if you create ANYTHING at all or sell the tools NEEDED to create – ADD YOUR LINK!
  • If you are linking to your store and there are other designers as well - please use the link for YOUR page of products, not the store home page - unless you are posting for the store and all designers.
  • This is where you want people to go to see YOUR work - so use the link where your work is available. (You don't want to put your Twitter name here if your blog or web site is not linked to your Twitter profile)
If You Want to Reqister for Prizes.  You must complete a Prize Entry Form before you go any further. You will not be considered for any of the prizes offered unless you have completed the Prize Entry Form.
  • Please use the same e-mail address you use on your Prize Entry Form when leaving comments here at the Blog Hop and when leaving comments or subscribing as per the Sponsor requirements.  We ask that you use the same e-mail address so that we can track your comments and sponsor requirements.  If we cannot confirm that you completed a sponsor's requirements - we can not award you the prize you wanted.
  • Prize Entry Forms can be submitted up until 11:59 p.m. May 15, 2011 (eastern standard time).  We use the time that is on the home page of the Blog Hop - just look for the official time clock in the sidebar.
  • Please remember that you must complete all requirements to be eligible.  If the sponsor requests that you follow via Google Friend Connect, Twitter, Facebook and leave a comment for them on the prize post - you must do all four (4) requirements to be eligible - so please read each prize post carefully.  They are all unique!!!!
  • We are using the Disqus commenting system on this site. If you have issues with the comment section not showing up – please use the Contact Us form to submit your comments. If you use the Contact Us form – please list the Sponsor name and then the prize you are interested in.  There is room to put each on a separate line.
Everyone is allowed to enter to win prizes!!!  Sponsors can sign up to win prizes from other sponsors - artists can sign up to win prizes from other artists - everyone can win!
The purpose of the blog hop is to gain exposure for YOUR talent.  Your creative niche in the world - to let people know that you are out there - you have something to offer the world - to give you a voice.
The Fine Print.  Now for the "fine print" and those little rules and regulations that go along with any type of contest or giveaway.
  • All prizes awarded must be used in accordance with the artist's terms of use included with your prize package.
  • If you have registered to win a prize package from any of the licensing agencies, you must have a license with that licensing agency prior to being awarded your gift.  You can write to their respective customer service department and request a license free of charge in most cases if you do not already have one.  They will need your license number in order to send you your prize package should you be chosen a winner.  Please be sure you have this information in hand before May 9, 2011.
  • We expect everyone to respect the sponsors who have so generously given their work as donations. This is how they earn a living and, as such, you need to respect that.  Any items available to be won must be used in a copyright compliant manner
Above all else, have FUN.  This is a great chance to see the wonderful talent that is all around us throughout this big beautiful world we call home.  Meet some new friends, build new relationships, enjoy the beauty that is all around you.
Thank you for being a part of the 1st Annual PSP Community Blog Hop!


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