Paintshop Pro Tutorial Lessons Available

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The PSP Blog Hop is pleased to announce that Artistic Dreams Imaging will begin holding Paintshop Pro Tutorials for all experience levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

In order to participate in the tutorial lessons, the following is required:

  • You must have a license with Artistic Dreams Imaging.  (If you do not currently have a license you can request one here);
  • You will need to become a member of the ADI Supplies Group on Yahoo – which you can join here;
  • Complete the information form found here.

Completion of the form allows ADI to determine when to hold the classes, your level of experience with Paintshop Pro, and your specific interests (what you would like to learn: how to make a mask; add sparkles, etc.).

ADI will do their best to accommodate schedule requests, but please understand that, just as each of us has a real life to attend to, so do the tutorial writers and instructors.

Each tutorial class will be held in the Artistic Dreams Imaging website chatroom (found here as the room has 'voice' chat available for those with microphone and speakers). The tutorial will also be shared in written form in the room itself.

Word has it that their first class will be on ‘adding noise’, so if you have never done so, want to learn, or if you just need a bit of a refresher, join them for the fun!

For anyone who is interested, ADI is also looking for other tutorial writers who would be willing to offer a bit of time and knowledge and volunteer to teach some of their classes either for Paintshop Pro or Photoshop.  If you feel you’d like to try teaching one of their classes, please contact them at:  artistic_dreams@verizon.net!


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