The 1st Annual PSP Blog Hop Has Ended…

The Blog Hop has come to a close – and I would like to thank each and every one of you – participants, sponsors, and visitors – for making it a raging success!!!  I am pleased that we were able to pull this together in just 30 days time – so imagine what we can do with an entire year to plan for the 2nd Annual PSP Blog Hop!

As I mentioned in my previous post here – I am with limited internet access at the moment until May 18th (Wednesday). In addition, our co-chairperson, Anna Weir, lost a beloved family member last week and is unavailable at the moment.

With that said – today I will be reviewing all of the Prize Entry Forms and ensuring that there are no duplicates, and then reviewing to ensure that the prizes you listed have had all the requirements met.  Once that is finished – I will tally up the number of entrants and the amount of prizes to be awarded and put that information into Random.org and select our winners.

Winners will be announced here on the blog no later than Friday, May 20.  Thank you for your patience!

Kim Miller, Chairperson


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