A Word About the Prize Entry Form

For those of you wishing to participate and register to win the awesome prizes that are arriving daily, we wanted to explain how the Prize Entry Form process works. You must complete a Prize Entry Form before you can be eligible to win any of the sponsored gifts.

Please use the same e-mail address you use on your Prize Entry Form when leaving comments here at the Blog Hop and when leaving comments or subscribing as per the Sponsor requirements.  We ask that you use the same e-mail address so that we can track your comments and sponsor requirements.  If we cannot confirm that you completed a sponsor's requirements - we can not award you the prize you wanted.

Prize Entry Forms can be submitted up until 11:59 p.m. May 8, 2011 (eastern standard time).  We use the time that is on the home page of the Blog Hop - just look for the official time clock in the sidebar. You may only submit one (1) prize entry form so we suggest you wait until May 1, 2011 once all of sponsored gifts have been received and posted to list your top three favorites!  (You don’t want to submit a form now only to find out that a prize you want more than anything has just been posted and you cannot list it as a top three favorite!)

Please remember that you must complete all requirements to be eligible.  If the sponsor requests that you follow via Google Friend Connect, Twitter, Facebook and leave a comment for them on the prize post - you must do all four (4) requirements to be eligible - so please read each prize post carefully.  They are all unique!!!!

Everyone is allowed to enter to win prizes!!!  Sponsors can sign up to win prizes from other sponsors - artists can sign up to win prizes from other artists - everyone can win!


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