Anonymous Donations!

The great thing about the PSP Blog Hop isn’t always about the prizes – it is about the wonderful people within the PSP Community who have hearts of gold and are willing to do just about anything to put a smile on someone else’s face and make their day just a little bit brighter!

We have received two anonymous donations to date.  If additional donations come in, they will be posted here as well.

We have a $10.00 Gift Certificate to Creative Design Outlet for one lucky winner at the end of the Blog Hop.

We also have a special anonymous donation for the winner of the Blinkie Design Contest but we’re not telling what it is!!!

Requirements to Win

To be eligible to win any of the anonymous gifts listed here, you need to complete a Prize Entry Form (don’t worry – you have until 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday, May 8th to fill out the form) and leave a comment on this post indicating which gift you would like to win.


Jenni said...

Would love the $10 GC to CDO

Queina said...

I entered for this one too, too many tubes that I want at CDO to pick out what I'd get if I won.

Tasha said...

I'd love a $10 gc for CDO :)

lisa said...

Id love a GC for CDO!! tysvm x

Sea Chelle said...

I would love to win a GC from CDO as I have a serious tag making addiction lol and need tubes, tubes, tubes!

Hellasweet said...

CDO has some of the most beautiful and talented artists on the web to date! Melissa Dawn happens to be a favorite of mine, as I am obsessed with cats lol. I would LOVE a GC so I can further my tag addiction lol!

Terisa Gill said...

Would love to win a $10 gift certificate so that I can get some Caron Vinson tubes. I just love them

Bits N Bobs said...

I would love the opportunity to purchase some new tubes from CDO :O)

Leigha Newcomb said...

I would love the $10 gift certificate to CDO. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Whisper said...

Would love to win the $10 to CDO, there's so many new releases I've gotten behind on.

Candys Treats said...

who wouldnt want to win more tubes!!!! i know i would!!!!

Artmama said...

I'd love to win tubes for some of my favs - Olivia, Janesko, Hammond & Anna Marine! Thanks for the chance!

Amanda said...

I would love to win the $10 GC to Creative Design Outlet.

Carol Brady said...

I would love to win the $10 GC for CDO. I love Anna Marine, Ted Hammond and Jennifer Janesko, all wonderful CDO artists!

Edith Taylor said...

I would love to win the $10 gift certificate to Creative Design Outlet!


faith richards said...

I would love to win the $10 gift card to CDO! i am behind on some great tubes there!!

Thank you for the fun

Joyita said...

thx for the opportunity to get some new tubes at CDO, I would love to get me the new Anna Marine ♥

Lise said...

I would love to get some new Anna Marine or Pinup Toons or Martin Able, could be some Jennifer Janesko or Jasmine Becket-Griffith or Michael Landefeld... lots to choose from for sure.

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