Cookies by Faerie and Pixie

The PSP Blog Hop is very pleased to announce that Faerieheart’s Fancies is offering up some of the cutest Cookies you have ever seen for one lucky winner!

faerieheart's fancies

Cookies by Faerie & Pixie is offering one lucky winner a customized* Cookie in 5 different poses.  You can choose the garments, hair style, hair color, eye color, skin tone, and poses* of this adorable Cookie to make it truly your very own!

Cookies by Faerie & Pixie can do People Cookies, Fairy Cookies…Gothic, Hippie, or just plain cute!

(*within the limitations of what they already own and have available for you to choose from)

Requirement to Win

  1. Complete a Prize Entry Form (don’t worry – you have until 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday, May 8th to fill out the form).

  2. Subscribe to Faerieheart’s Fancies via E-Mail Subscription.

  3. Leave a comment here and tell us what your dream Cookie would look like!


Eal Designs-Lisa said...

My dream cookie would be either a cute fairy or angel that looks like one of my daughters,

Dccreations said...

Hi. I'd love a cookie in a hot tub, with other poses around the tub. Brown hair in pigtails. Sounds cute. Thanks, Chris.

Edith Taylor said...

My dream cookie would look like either of my daughters - long straight dark brown hair with a pretty smile and bright twinking eyes.

Faerieheart said...


Oh! Hot Tub? Hmmm...I don't know if I can make that happen. I can do bathing suits and poses suited to being used around a hot tub or a beach type situation. Do you have a DAZ compatible Hot Tub? If you do I can try to put Cookie in a hot tub.

Faerieheart said...

@e2b48c2c691e47355bee50407f053b1d I would be glad to try to make an Angel or Fairy similar to your daughter(s). If you win I'll need to see what they look like. :D

Faerieheart said...

Edith Taylor I would be glad to try to make a Cookie similar to your
daughter(s). If you win I'll need to see what they look like. :D

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