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I'm afraid to say that I am having second thoughts about hosting a 2nd Annual PSP Blog Hop this year in May.  Issues with prizes not being awarded and disgruntled winners, real life just "happens" sometimes and unforeseen things occur - and I just do not like being on the receiving end of the negativity and ungrateful attitudes.  I am a "happy humans" type of person and always wish nothing but happiness for the people that do participate in these events.

Our prize contributors do so out of the kindness of their hearts – to give back to those of you that have made purchases from them all year long, to give those of you who are not familiar with their work an opportunity to learn more about them – and the majority of the contributors sign up for these events months in advance with every intention of being able to award their prize contributions to the winners.  However, real life (as we all know) has a way of interfering with the best of intentions, and sometimes things just happen that are beyond our control.  The contributors receive nothing in return except exposure on our blog and Facebook fan page for their contributions. 

So I am faced with the dilemma of whether or not to actually host the Blog Hop this year or to forgo the effort and time and sheer dedication to nothing else but the organization of the hop for the next two months or determine if it is really appreciated at all, what the prize contributors do to help make each hop a success, not to mention the time and dedication they put into creating their special prize contributions and the time and dedication of every member of the staff that assists in making it a success.

I would love your input and feedback on the subject.


Hellasweet said...

Hi hunny, well as far as ungrateful people are concerned, unfortunately I think there will be those who complain no matter what. But what you do, what you've DONE, is nothing short of amazing, and with different events popping up all over the psp community, like the TAKING BACK PSP event, I think it all stems from here, because you were brave enough to start it!

As far as the technical side goes...speaking of the Taking back PSP event, they are doing something a bit different to make sure everyone who contributes, gets the downloads, because they rented a server I believe, don't know if something like that can be done here, something that will allow the contributes to upload their specific prizes in advance, that way even if life kicks in, their prizes can still be awarded. Don't know, just a thought there, but you know if you ever need help, I'm here for you, and what you are doing is amazing and I am honored to be your friend!

ladyfootZ said...

Yo woman with a smart ass friend. You bet your sweet bippy I'll do what I can :D. lmao girl you KNOW there's always a whiner or 3 in the bunch! what hella says makes sense BUT instead of doing it that way why not have the contributors have a 4shared acct and pw protect it. that way you can know who gets what! *i have mine set to pw no lookers or w/e its called, most of my stuff in there is personal and would mean nothing to anyone else.

Hellasweet said...

That is true, I mean there's got to be a free way to do things, and I think if we all help figure it out, it will be a snap. Something that we all have in one place, that isn't a horror to figure out, and I think that would be the trick...but again the populous has the say!

Kimmi Miller said...

Thanks for your comments ladies - very much appreciated! I have been thinking of the 4shared option as well - and appreciate that you guys were willing to step up and tell me your thoughts!

Edith said...

Kimmi, although I have had two prizes that have not been awarded as stated, I like what you have done and do not hold you responsible in any way.

I still have not heard from the poser that was to have been designed for me (from the mini-hop in October) and did receive one more set of kits (a few that I had not been sent earlier from the year long supply I was to have received. As far as that one is concerned, I do not expect anything more from her as it is obvious she did not even realize when she made the offer.

I would still like the special designed poser set and you said Nikki promised to contact me (this was about a month ago) and I still have not heard from her. I do check and it has not ended in my spam either!

I would not want the blog hop to stop because of my sad experience with these two contributors as there were several others who were very prompt in providing their prizes and deserve the exposure!

Thanks for all you have done - and if there is anything I can do to help, I am available.


Dwana said...

Kimmi, I'm sorry to hear about the event troubles, but do agree there are always a few bad apples or those trying to make waves. The only thing you can do in my opinion is off what you can to the PSP Community and once hiccups are caused - remove those from next event and carry on. big huggs and I hope to be a contribute to this event one day in the future :)

Dwana said...

offer**** what you can not OFF -fingers lol

Kimmi Miller said...

Testing comments....

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