Dark Angel Designz Flash Contest!!!


We have had the Random.org site choose our top three individuals and they are Cuddz, Sonja and Robin Ann:

Michelle with Dark Angel Designz will be back with your winner!!!  Stay tuned!


Want to win an AWESOME blog makeover gift from Dark Angel Designz?  You receive an ENTIRE YEAR OF MAKEOVERS (a new look every 3 months - 4 makeover designs total) if you are the winner!

Leave a comment below with your name and email address and the reason why YOU should be the one to win this awesome gift package!  Be creative, be unique, be original!  We will randomly select 3 responses and the one with the most awesome comment and reason for wanting to win will be chosen!

Contest runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (eastern standard time) Thursday, October 20th.  Good luck!


Sonja said...

Hello!Thank you for this opportunity!I opened my tutorial blog few months ago and would like to make it look good!I did not have time to make a good look for it so makeover would be awesome!Thank you!

Sonja said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brooke said...

Hi!!! My name is Brooke and I would LOVE to win this prize!!! I don't change my blog often b/c of money issues at times so a new look every 3 months! Wow!! That would be soo awesome!!
Dark ANgel, your blog is hot! Love the style! I so deserve this and need this!! Pick me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :)

You'll need my email right? Cause your picking me right!? lol

my email is gauthreauxs101@att.net
Thanks for the fabby prize and good luck everyone!

Dwana said...

I would love to win this, I've never seem to have enough time to do all I need to do as well as make my blog have a COMPLETE layout all at once. Awesome prize!!!!!!

Kim D. Designs said...

Oh, wow!! The blog gods have heard my pleas. This is a fantastic opportunity.

For some reason I can create tubes for all you taggers but I can't seem to even get my blog off the ground.

Thank you for this chance to have a full functioning and rockin blog of my own.

Good luck everyone!!!

Dees'Sign Depot said...

Hey DA
Having had your help with my blog in the past you know I know shit about it lol, I dedicate my time to doing alot for the taggers world never asking anything in return. Well, maybe a thank-you. My blog is full of dust and I am sure when peeps come there.. they must think to themselves.. still the same ole..so this would save the sore eyes of many and make me one happy camper lol. xoxo Dee
you know ya L O V E me... face it !! heehee

Angelique said...

Im not much of a blogger nor I do I really know how to make my blog stand out. I think that having a change of blog clothes every couple months would be an interesting pick-me-up.


Karen G. said...

I would love to win this - I so don't know how to make my blog perty!!!

Robin Ann said...

I would love to win this sooooooo much! I have never ever had a personalized blog make over! I've been wanting one for years, since I set up my blog, but I have no idea how to do it myself and dont have the cash to pay someone to do it for me :( I feel that having a professional looking blog like one Dark Angel Designz would make would really help too, cus I know my current blog looks like poo, lol

Cuddz said...

Awesome idea... and I so need to win this lol,
Why?? Errrrrr

** Puts Hand up**

Pwease miss I am lost. I have surched and surched to find me but i am just so missing. Im a little blog bunny, and I got scared and hidded myself. Now I cant find me way out.
But... I fink if you frow all the stuff out of the blog you might just find me where I am hidded. Then you can set me free, and cos you had to frow everything in the trash, well its only fair that you redecowate for me.
Then I can stay in me lickle blog and be happified and smile again.
Pwease pwease find me...I dont wanna be lost forever...

Oh... if you do find me... can you let me know I have been saved, you can let me know at my address which is cuddsj@gmail.com.

Fank you for trying even if you dont find me you will have made me feel better just knowing you tried

** sits back down and waits **

Tral la la...shoop shoop...tra la la ( singing to pass the time )

Anonymous said...

shoot!!! Missed out on this fabulous offer!!! Darn... Sure did want a make over From Dark Angel, to add a little pip and a lot pop and make me feel pretty...
Oh wells, Maybe next time...
Have fun and good luck everyone!!!
DarkAngel you rock for offering this. =)

Dark Angel said...

WOW you ladies all made this so hard for me to choose but Kim will be making an announcement shortly on the winner!

Thank you all for the awesome comments!

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