Joanne’s Digital Designs

We are pleased to announce that Joanne’s Digital Designs is offering a $10.00 Gift Certificate for three lucky winners for any script or template at her online store.

Joanne's Digital Designs

Requirement to Win

  1. Complete a Prize Entry Form (don’t worry – you have until 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday, May 8th to fill out the form).

  2. Follow Joanne’s Digital Designs on Facebook here.

  3. Leave a comment here and tell us what you plan to purchase with your gift certificate if you are one of the three lucky winners!


Hellasweet said...

I have loved Joanne's stuff from the first moment I saw them! She is a remarkably talented lady and as sweet as sugar as well! Being a designer myself, I know the effort that goes in to making each and every product you sell, she does this with heart and spirit. This is her only income as well, so how generous is this offer?! I would purchase every single item from her if I could, honestly, she is that talented! And such a wonderful person!

Terisa Gill said...

Wow love your stuff son't know where to go first...lol Now to figure out what to do for my next kit

Bits N Bobs said...

Joannes work has always been outstanding thank you hun for this wonderful opportunity.
I have no facebook so have my husband following you for me LOL I do however follow your blog and and registered for your newsletters. Keep up the awesome work and don't let the haters get you down *mwah*

Eal Designs-Lisa said...

I have to agree, Joanne is truly the best at what she does, she make the most wonderful scripts, her talent is beyond great. From her flowers, bows to her exquisite Angels, and my fav are her animals, they're so realistic looking, it's amazing. I have followed her for years, and just love everything she makes. If I won, I'd use the GC to get some of the scripts I've had on my wish list but just don't have the funds for, I'm with Hellasweet, if I had the funds, I'd purchase all her scripts!

Dccreations said...

Joanne is the best. I have many of her scripts. I would like to get some new bow scripts. You can always use more bows. Thanks, Chris

Hellasweet said...

Oh her animals are SO realistic! I swore when I saw her Himalayan cat for the first time, that it was an actual photograph! I'm a cat fanatic so those would definitely be on the top of my list. Just to make them for myself lol!

Joanne Martell said...

omg thank you so much for the awesome comments everyone, it's so appreciated!!!


Joanne Martell said...

Honey, I'm in tears over here - if you only knew how I needed to hear that today!

Joanne Martell said...

Thanks so much honey, you're so sweet!!

Joanne Martell said...

Thank you so much honey - so you know what's been going on since yesterday huh? I'm hoping it's over and people will leave me alone so I can create!!

Joanne Martell said...

Lisa, you know I love ya girl, you're the bestest!!

Joanne Martell said...

Thanks again sweetie, it's so nice to hear all these compliments - you all have made my day!!

Joanne Martell said...

Thanks so much honey, it's so sweet of you to comment here :D

Susan Parker said...

I have to agree with everyone Joanne is the best.... I would have to purchase some of her new summer scripts..... Time to get the season started and that would be the best way to do it.... I was just over looking at her and she has some amazing summer scripts out right now....


Missy said...

I would have to go for a few scripts
since I lost everything
and need to get things to play with again

Jessicawoods1 said...

I don't even know where to start, will just be thrilled to get anything of hers! :)

Dee2592 said...

Wow I am gonna enjoy blog hopping and making new friends, to me thats what this is all about.. awesome idea:) If I win anything I will be tagging n tutt'n it.. Hugz and Ty Dee xoxo

grungeandglitter said...

I am already following Joanne's Digital Designs on Facebook and I would totally LOVE to win this because I love her scripts they are so amazing!!

Joanne Martell said...

awwwwwwww thanks so much Susan :D


Joanne Martell said...

You lost everything?? What happened honey??


Joanne Martell said...

awwwwwwww Jess, thanks so much sweetie!!


Blah Missy said...

computer crashed and erased the hard drive and the exturnal hard drive
it was a really bad day

Robin Ann said...

omgoodness! one of the kitty scripts for sure! i love me some kitties and she does an awesome job on them!

Dee2592 said...

I'd be in tag heaven to win.. hugz dee .. lol nothing to LIKE.. already been following and LOVING!

Edith Taylor said...

Wow - what talent you have! Everything I see on your site is amazing and I would probably select something summery, especially the Beach Umbrella and Chair! It is difficult to decide as I look further and see the lighthouses, which I love and the picnic table. I will have to go shopping after this event is over!


Anonymous said...

oh wow would love to win urs hun I enjoy all ur work

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